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Universal Percussion is proud to offer retailers a wide variety of wholesale cymbals for sale, and we are especially proud of our two main brands, Wuhan and Spizz. In this blog, we will do a basic overview of both cymbal brands, helping you understand the difference between the two as well as a few reasons why you should stock both brands at your store. Let’s get into it!

Wuhan Cymbals — A Great Starter Point

One visit to the Wuhan page, and you’ll get a pretty solid overview of what Wuhan is all about. “The best cymbals money can buy? No. The best cymbals so little money can buy? Absolutely”. With Wuhan, we made it our goal to not make the absolute best cymbal on the market, as doing so would certainly be quite the challenge. What we did see, however, was a need for a quality entry level cymbal. Many larger manufacturers offer entry level cymbals at sometimes less-than-entry-level prices. While many novice drummers buy into these, recognizing the name brand as something of quality, they are given a cymbal that leaves much to be desired. Poor build quality, inconsistency in designs and just an overall low quality cymbal. Just because you’re a beginner doesn’t mean that you have to settle for less than stellar gear. Wuhan cymbals are a great first set of cymbals for beginners or entry level players in general, providing them with a cymbal that is not only affordable, but also of solid quality.

Spizz Cymbals-High Quality Hand Hammered Turkish Cymbals

With Wuhan Cymbals, we made it our goal to provide beginners and entry level players with a cymbal that was affordable without sacrificing the overall quality of the product. With Spizz cymbals, we have our sights set on more experienced players and professionals alike. Spizz cymbals are each individually hand hammered in Turkey, giving each cymbal its own unique voice. That’s right— — no two cymbals sound the same, giving you, more or less, a one-of-a-kind cymbal. Spizz cymbals are modeled after classic jazz ride cymbals, though we’d like to think that Spizz has its own sonic character that sets them apart from other cymbals on the market. Available in very limited quantities, these cymbals are more costly than Wuhans. Hear them for yourself — they’re most definitely worth it.

There you have it — a quick overview of our two cymbal brands. Universal Percussion is here for all of your wholesale percussion needs. Whether you’re looking for cymbals for sale, drum hardware or other percussion accessories, Universal Percussion aims to provide our clients with the best products at affordable prices. To find out how we can be your drum and percussion distributor, contact us today.