Universal Percussion aims to be your go to resource for drum accessories, heads, sticks and beyond. Being America’s largest percussion retailer, we have insight into what drummers want and need. With this in mind, in part one of our blog series, we’ll look at a few things that can help your drum retail store succeed.

Keep Up With New Trends

If you’re an owner or higher up at a store that stocks percussion equipment, chances are you’re a bit older than many of the kids who are just getting started behind the kit. While there are plenty of drummers today who still subscribe to older reference points, the world of drums is more diverse today than it’s ever been. With this in mind, it’s important to keep up with all of the new trends in drums. Even if you still play in the same way that you did 25+ years ago, plenty of drummers (read : your customers) are choosing to do a variety of different things. Whether if its the trashier styled cymbals or other unorthodox approaches to drums and cymbals that are currently prevalent, or the smaller sized kick drums and toms that seem to be in style, if these trends are proving to be successful in the world of drums, chances are, your customers will come to your store looking for accessories that are catered towards them. Finding bass drum heads that were 18” or 20” proved to be a bit challenging even 10 years ago, but many drummers are choosing to play smaller diameter kick drum heads today. Because of this, it’s important to keep these heads in stock. Not only will it show your customer base that you’re on top of current trends, it can very well help you turn a customer’s first visit into the beginning of a long relationship with your drum retail store.

Reach Out To New Customers

Whether if you’re thinking about trying to get the elementary-school aged kids in the door from a young age, or you’re aiming to appeal to the teenaged drummers that are just getting started, it’s important to be able to expand your customer base, so as to increase your appeal. While it can be challenging, it’s possible to be inclusive of a variety of customers, based on the products that you choose to stock. All drum stores should keep in stock the basic beginners items, from sticks and practice pads to other things like metronomes and instruction books. Whether you’ve been catering towards a more professional customer base or simply trying to figure out what works best for your store, stocking beginner products is a great way to reach out to new customers. A kid who maybe hasn’t started drumming yet may come into the store with a parent and be encouraged to put it into motion after noticing that your store stocks products for beginning drummers. To flip things in the opposite direction, if your store has a tendency to cater more towards the needs of beginners, stocking accessories and other items that are more for working drummers, you’ll be able to appeal to them as well. Whatever the case may be, trying to appeal to new customers is key in expanding the appeal of your drum store overall.

Thousands of Products for Working Drummers

Those are just a few tips for drum retailers from the professionals at Universal Percussion. To shop our wide selection of drum heads, sticks, hardware, cymbals and other accessories, contact us today!