Universal Percussion is committed to providing you with an array of wholesale drum heads, accessories and sticks for stocking at your instrument retail shop. From brands you know and trust like Remo, Evans, LP and Rhythm Tech, we aim to provide you with the best wholesale percussion equipment at great prices. Get in touch today to work with Universal Percussion as your wholesale drum equipment retailer!

With a wide variety of products to choose from, you may sometimes lose sight of the essentials. With this in mind, in this blog, we’ll look at five essential items that every drummer needs at all times. Let’s get started!

Emergency Sticks

No matter what style of music you play, or what level of force you play with, we’ve all broken our fair share of sticks from time to time. If we had our way, we would never have to replace our sticks, but it’s an inevitable part of being a drummer. Of course, no one ever plans to break a stick, and more times than not, we tend to break drumsticks at the most inopportune times. While many of us come prepared with plenty of sets of sticks at our disposal for practices and gigs, sometimes we forget until it’s too late. With this in mind, every drummer should always have a set of emergency sticks at their disposal at all times. This way, no matter when you break a stick or where you are when it breaks, you’ll be ready to pick up and continue playing, free of disruption.

Drum Tuners

While drum tuners provide drummers with the obvious ability to tune each drum and remove drum heads for replacement purposes, what many of us have a tendency forget about is the many other instances of tension screws on a drum kit. From being able to adjust the memory locks on your cymbal stands to the height and positioning of your bass drum beater, tension screws exist in many different parts of a drum kit. Because of this, having a drum key on you at all times will ensure that no matter what happens at a gig or practice, you’ll be able to adjust whatever you need. Best of all, with our wide selection of drum keys for order, there’s a drum key for every taste and need. We stock simple and basic style drum keys, perfect to attach onto a set of keys, as well as the more heavy duty ratchet-style ones.

Extra Snare Drum Wire

At the heart of most any drum kit is the snare drum. For a drummer, a snare drum is your voice, the drum that you generally tend to use the most. Because of this, drummers should be cognizant of making sure that their snare drum is in great shape at all times. One of the most common things that can happen to a snare drum is having the snare drum wires become damaged. A snare drum with broken snare wires sounds less than stellar, so by keeping a spare set of snare wires in your snare drum or cymbal bag, you will make sure that you’ll never go a moment without the heart of your drum kit. We offer a wide variety of snare wires for order, from brands like Puresound, Yamaha, Cannon and more!

Those are just a few essential items that every drummer needs. Universal Percussion aims to be your go-to distributor of wholesale drum heads, drum sticks, hardware, accessories and more. Being drummers ourselves, we understand the needs of drummers and aim to provide your business with the best customer service and satisfaction. Contact us today to place your wholesale order today!