Universal Percussion is proud to provide retailers and distributors with an array of high-quality cymbals, drum heads, drum hardware and more. Whether you’re a brand new business looking to start off on the right foot, or expand by catering to the needs of working drummers, Universal Percussion has an array of products that are sure to please most any drummer. Read on to learn about some of our fantastic hardware options from Cannon Percussion!

Flat-Based Cymbal Stands

With the vintage drum market continuing to rise, so is the aesthetic of vintage drums. While the sound and quality of vintage drums is indeed worth the investment, the same cannot always be said for vintage drum hardware. Often, vintage drums can still be rehabbed back to playable condition, but vintage drum hardware is a little bit of a different story because, in many cases, it is too rusted or worn to use in modern times. For those of you who prefer the style and aesthetic of vintage drum hardware but want modern reliability, we’ve got you covered. Universal Percussion is proud to offer distributors flat-bottom cymbal stands from Cannon Percussion. Combining that vintage style with solid build quality, our flat-based cymbal stands are perfect for that vintage Slingerland or Rogers kit that your customers may have, but need the proper style of stands to accompany it. High quality, lightweight and easy to use, our flat-based cymbal stands are a great way to bring that vintage drum kit back to life.

Hi Back Deluxe Drum Throne

Drum thrones are incredibly important for the modern gigging drummer. Seeing that we spend so much of our time sitting, it’s key for us to have a drum throne that not only provides us with adequate support while we play, but is also comfortable to use. In spending hours each day sitting down and drumming, a standard and cheaply-made drum throne just won’t do, and for your customers who are seeking a drum throne that’s truly comfortable, Universal Percussion is once again coming through for you. Our Hi-Back Deluxe Throne is the perfect way to combine comfort and support with a high-quality and well built drum throne. The double-braced round seat also comes with a backrest, which provides drummers with extra leg support and an improved balance. A perfect option for the touring drummer, this throne will provide them with much needed comfort every night!

Twin Effect Double Kick Pedal

The popularity of more aggressive forms of music have also increased the popularity of double kick pedals. With the approach being quite different from single-bass drum playing, some drummers have a hard time making the transition, because they find it difficult to navigate multiple pedals at once. Universal Percussion is proud to provide a solution for drummers in this conundrum with our innovative Twin Effect double bass drum pedals from Cannon Percussion. Get the same effect of a double pedal with just one foot, using your heel to control one beater and the front of your foot for the other. The rocking motion provides the same effect that you get out of two pedals, but with the convenience of one!

Those are just three examples of some of the fantastic Cannon Percussion products that we offer retailers here at Universal Percussion. At Universal Percussion, we understand the needs of drummers, as many of us here are drummers ourselves! Providing you with high-quality products that are also affordable is key to us, and we are proud to offer a variety of cymbal stands, cymbals, drum heads and more, that are perfect for drummers of all ages and skill levels. To place your order with us or to learn more about our cymbal and drum hardware distributor, get in touch with us today!