Universal Percussion aims to be your go-to distributor for drum heads, cymbals, and percussion accessories online. We proudly stock products from many of the major percussion manufacturers, like Remo, Evans, Pro Mark, and more. We are also the talent behind Attack Drumheads, Cannon drum hardware, as well as Wuhan and Spizz cymbals. Drummers come from all styles, backgrounds, and skill levels, and in having a firm understanding of this, we offer products to serve the needs of drummers from a variety of backgrounds. High quality doesn’t always have to mean high price, and we are proud to offer professional-grade products at prices that are affordable. We want to be your percussion distributor and help you provide your customers with the best percussion products on the market. To find out more information on our percussion distribution company, contact us today.

In offering products for drummers at all skill levels, we offer a wide variety of products that are perfect for younger percussion enthusiasts. Whether a customer teaches music classes in a school, works at a daycare center, or is simply wanting to expose his or her children to the world of percussion at home, Universal Percussion stocks an array of products that can serve as a perfect gateway into percussion. In this post, we will look at a handful of products that are ideal to stock at your retail location and perfect for the little ones.

Practice Pads

Because Universal Percussion is a business run by drummers, we have an in-depth understanding of the needs and necessities that drummers need. Like everyone else, we all started off as beginners. No matter how eager a child may be to get behind a drum kit and unleash their inner John Bonham, Sheila E, or Buddy Rich, the best way to start anyone off that’s interested in learning the drums is with a practice pad and a pair of sticks. With this in mind, keeping practice pads in stock at your store will ensure that you’ll be able to stock the needs of beginning drummers. When the time comes for them to graduate to a snare drum or full kit, they’ll likely come back to the shop that helped them get their start. Additionally, practice pads are incredibly useful for drummers of all skill levels, and plenty of professional drummers are still married to their practice pads, helping them warm up before getting behind the kit. When you shop Universal Percussion, you can choose from a wide variety of practice pads, including models from Attack, Cannon, Remo, Vic Firth, and more.

Cannon Mini Bongos

As you know, drums aren’t just limited to a drum set, and there are many other types of drums that are great to stock at your music retail store. Mini bongos are a great way for kids to get their feet wet by learning basic rhythm and how to use their hands to create it. We are pleased to stock two varieties of bongos made by Cannon. We offer a simple design that’s perfect for kids, in a high-gloss finish that makes them look as great as they sound, and we also offer a slightly more higher end variety, with chrome hoops and tunable skin heads. Either of these are great for kids and adults alike who are looking to add a little bit of bongo flavor to their music.

Egg Shakers

Not everyone has the ability to get behind a drum kit and tear it up, but simple rhythm is something that can be learned and maintained by many. While playing complex rhythms on a practice pad or pair of bongos might be a little bit overwhelming for some, there are plenty of other rhythm instruments out there that are easier for younger children to approach. Universal Percussion offers many items that are perfect for little ones who want to be involved in making music. Our Cannon egg shakers are a great way to introduce younger children to basic rhythm. Even better, they are made out of sturdy plastic and they are small enough to grip with one hand. These egg shakers provide crisp sound, offering a young ones a small, but manageable, way to get into the rhythm in the classroom, at home and more. A great impulse buy to keep at your point of sale!

Those are just a few examples of percussion items for kids that are perfect to stock at your retail store. Universal Percussion is pleased to offer a variety of items like these, as well as cymbals, heads, sticks, accessories, and more. When it comes to drum products, wouldn’t you rather work with a distributor that is run by musicians who fully understand the wants and needs of other musicians? Universal Percussion is a business run by drummers and we offer products for drummers. Whether you’re looking to stock Spizz handmade Turkish cymbals, high-quality Attack Drum Heads or other products from brands like Yamaha, Evans and Remo, Universal Percussion aims to provide you with all these and more, plus the best customer service. Browse our catalog, or get in touch with us today to find out more about the thousands of percussion products we currently have in stock.