In our previous blog post, we looked at a handful of reasons as to why you should order from Universal Percussion. We are always looking to help provide you with the best in whole percussion equipment, though, and there are plenty more reasons as to why you should rely on Universal Percussion for all of your wholesale drum accessory needs. Whether you’re looking for wholesale drum heads from brands like Evans and Remo, wholesale drum hardware from brands like Yamaha and Tama, or wholesale percussion instruments from brands like LP and Rhythm Tech, Universal Percussion truly has something for everyone. In part two of our blog series, we’ll look at a few more reasons as to why you should order from Universal Percussion. To learn more about our wholesale drum accessories or to place your order, get in touch with us today!

A Range of Products for A Range Of Drummers

At Universal Percussion, we understand that no two drummers are the same, and that no two drummers are going to want the same things. Even on the basis of skill level, beginners in elementary or middle school may have different preferences for sticks or heads than a beginner who’s an adult. In being able to offer you the best percussion accessories with the most variety, we’ve also taken it a step further by providing products for drummers of all skill levels. Whether you’re looking for drum sticks that best suit smaller hands that are just starting out, affordable cymbals for gigging drummers on a budget, or higher-end hardware that’s suited for professional-grade use, Universal Percussion has a variety of different items that are appropriately suited for drummers of all skill levels.

Convenient Onsite Ordering

In addition to offering you with a variety of different products to suit a diverse clientele, we also make things easier for you through our dealer B2B site. Universal Percussion is committed to making things as easy and convenient for our clients, and our B2B site allows you to do a wide variety of things all in one place, making ordering your percussion accessories easier than ever. On our B2B site, you can handle virtually everything in relation to your account with Universal Percussion, allowing you to place orders, update your user information, update customer information, view your sales history, as well as many other things. We aim to make things incredibly convenient for you so that you can focus on stocking your store with the best drum heads, sticks, and other accessories for your customers.

Percussion Accessories for the Working Drummer

Whether if you’re a brand new drum retail store or you’ve been in business for years, Universal Percussion aims to be your go-to dealer for drum heads, sticks, cymbals, and beyond. We are proud to be the largest percussion distributor in the country, offering over 17,000 products from a variety of brands that you know and trust. To learn more about how our wholesale percussion accessory dealer can best serve your retail store’s needs, get in touch with Universal Percussion today!