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Summer is an incredibly busy time for musicians, with many musicians doing more gigging during this time than the rest of the year. With this in mind, making sure that your retail store is properly stocked with the adequate amount of drum heads, sticks and other accessories is key to ensuring your success this summer. In part one of our blog series, we talked about a few things that your retail store should keep in stock this summer. Wrapping things up in part two, here are a few more examples of things you should consider stocking this summer, accommodating the needs of most any drummer that may set foot in your store.

Marching Gear

While many drum retailers attempt to cater to the needs of all drummers, this is usually limited to those who play drum set, with retailers stocking sticks, cymbals, heads and other accessories that are more appropriately suited for drum set-focused drummers. While this certainly accommodates the needs of most drummers, this also excludes drummers of an entirely different variety—marching drummers! With summer nearly here, marching season will be in full swing. With all the parades and events that summer brings, drum corp drummers will have their hands full with gigging and rehearsing in preparation for them. With this in mind, by failing to stock the appropriate accessories marching drummers need, your retail location will be missing out on being able to develop a rapport with drummers of all varieties. Universal Percussion has you covered, being able to provide your retail location with a variety of different accessories that are fit for today’s marching drummer. From high-quality marching drum sticks to top-grade marching drum heads, straps and other accessories, Universal Percussion has an array of products to help you provide marching drummers with exactly what they need. Need more than just marching drum accessories? Not a problem! We also stock high-quality marching drums from Cannon Percussion! Choose from marching bass drums, snare drums, tenor drums and quads. By ordering from Universal Percussion, no marching drummer will go neglected, and your retail store can continue to provide drummers of all varieties with the essential products and accessories they need to perform their best this summer.

Accessories For Traveling Musicians

If you’ve ever been on tour or played a gig out of town, you understand that sometimes things don’t always go the way you were hoping. From forgetting to pack an essential to having your drum equipment get damaged in transit from one destination to another, the stress and unpredictable nature of the road can take a toll on your equipment. While many people come prepared, some things just can’t be planned for, and as a result, you find yourself in a state of panic, needing to remedy your issue before the gig. With many bands and musicians hitting the road this summer, your retail store needs to be prepared to cater to the needs of the gigging out-of-town musician. Stocking your retail store with the essentials like sticks and heads are always key, but also stocking things like spare parts, drum keys and cymbal cleaners will most certainly serve both your existing customer base as well as out of towners who are in need of some emergency drum service. Things like tension rods, cymbal washers, spare bass drum beaters and cymbal felts will all be met with enthusiasm as out-of-towners rush to the counter, eager to fix the problem that’s currently standing in their way. Universal Percussion offers you all of these items and more from brands that you know and trust like DW, Evans, Danmar and Cannon.

Drum Accessories for Working Musicians

Those are just two more examples of things you should consider stocking in your percussion retail store this summer. From being able to cater to the needs of young beginners to touring musicians, marching drummers and beyond, Universal Percussion has the essential items you need to make your retail store the go-to drum shop in town. Whether you’re looking for drum heads and sticks, high-quality cymbals or other drum accessories, Universal Percussion has over 17,000 products in stock and ready to ship direct to you. Get in touch with us and place your order today!