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Summer is nearly here, and with summer comes so much music! While musicians never truly stop what we do, summer tends to be an especially busy time for musicians. With this in mind, in part one of our blog series, we’ll take a look at a few key items for you to keep in stock at your retail store this summer to ensure that you’re satisfying the needs of drummers this season.

Sticks and Heads For Working Musicians

Summer is always a busy time for live performers. Whether it’s because of all the outdoor festivals and events going on around town or the younger crowd being on summer vacation, working musicians tend to spend a majority of their summer playing out. With this in mind, thinking about the working drummers this season will be key for your store. With all the gigging going on around town, drummers will no doubt come to you in need of breakables. If you’re dealing with regularly gigging drummers, you’re dealing with people who are going to be going through their fair share of sticks and heads. Making sure that you keep all the best selling brands of drum sticks and heads in stock will be key this season. Drummers will come to your retail location knowing that they can always count on you to provide them with the tools they need to keep their drums sounding great and their performances on point night after night. Universal Percussion offers a variety of drum sticks and heads ready to be ordered and shipped direct to your retail store. Proudly offering you brands, like Vic Firth, Remo, Pro Mark, Regal Tip, Evans and more, Universal Percussion can help you keep your store stocked and ready with the best sticks and heads around.

Beginner’s Gear

Summer is a time when the young ones have a lot more free time on their hands, and with this in mind, many kids are deciding to pick up new hobbies, like playing instruments. Coupling this with the fact that many kids starting an instrument in the fall like to get a head start over the summer, keeping your retail store stocked with beginners’ drum equipment is another great tip for this summer. Most every drummer starts off with the basics — a practice pad, a pair of sticks and a book. Universal Percussion stocks a variety of sticks and practice pads for beginners, as well as classic drum books like, Stick Control and Alfred’s Drum Method. For the more advanced drummers, we also offer metronomes and other practice tools to help stay on time and on beat while practicing throughout the summer. Catering towards your demographic is key, and being able to provide beginners with the necessary tools is as important and providing the same for more advanced players. Thanks to Universal Percussion, we can help you stay stocked on products that appeal to players of all skill levels.

Wholesale Drum Heads, Drum Sticks and Accessories

Those are just two summer retail tips from Universal Percussion. Ensuring that your retail store is able to cater towards the needs of a variety of players is key, and with more than 17,000 products in stock to choose from, Universal Percussion makes it possible for you to do so. We will continue this in part two of our blog series, but until then, to learn more about our percussion accessory distributor, get in touch with Universal Percussion today.